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Name: Kodama Kotoba
Age: 2507
Element: Ice
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Sign: Sagittarius
Personality: A protector. Kodama was unfortunate enough to witness the irreversible death of his youngest sister, Karasuma, by the hand of a scientist from Earth, and has been entirely intolerant of humans, and watchful of his loved ones, ever since. Kodama has a scholarly interest in Rakuans, and maybe a more-than-scholarly interest in Fukafukashita. He and Reiko have been friends for aeons.
Akatsuki is currently stalking him. Kodama is the eldest of the Kotoba family. True Form: Zankyou, a vampire
Family: Talon Kotoba, younger sister; Dane Kotoba, younger foster brother; Akimaru Kotoba; younger brother; Karasuma Kotoba, younger sister (deceased)