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Name: Hok'ee Shilah(nicknamed Tsubasa)
Age: 1256
Element: Fire
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sign: Scorpio
Personality: Clingy, spacey, protective, and mildly idealistic. Since meeting Kodama, he has stayed by his side in hopes of learning to better protect his fraternal twin, Fuyutama. Kodama keeps him around as a sort of apprentice and aide (coughlackeycough), and Tsubasa is perfectly okay with it. He is Delaila's boyfriend, and both parties tend to respect each other's personal space; Tsubasa's tendency to have his head in the clouds (and his chronic staring at the sky) is just what draws Delaila to him.
True Form: coyote spirit
Family: Fuyutama, twin sister;