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So go to http://incendiarydevice.smackjeeves.com NOW, mister! And don't come back until you've thought about what you did and have an apology!
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Tell me that I won't feel a thing; give me current page.

August 8
Darn... the library reading program ended today, and I didn't get to go check in my time... T-T
Anyway, amember that move to SmackJeeves I was talking about? Despite its lack of layout opportunities, I've decided it's a good idea all around and that I should do it. So I am.
I'll link or redirect or something when it happens, though. Trust me. :D

July 31
Whoa! Cool! Epic! :D Lotsa neat stuff happening. First: We has a forum! Go! Join! Talk! Second: It's nearly August! My favorite month for no particular reason! Also, layering weather! Whoo! See ya Friday, hopefully with a page, or on the forum whenever~!

July 27
So, turns out that everything I link DOES die, including the page from four weeks ago. Fear not, it's accessible now, along with today's! Ah yes, today's page, in which lazy-lineart Fluff channels Ueda Hajime a little bit (see panel 1), and Dane is being a tool. Enjoy.
Also, new vote incentive over at TWC. It's worth it this time.

July 5
On the grounds that everything I link DIES, Kira must definitely be behind this.

June 29
There. Update. *throws confetti*
Also, take that, Kira.

June 28
Daaaaamn. It's still June? It should be July. The bad thing is, Anime Expo started today, and I'm still sitting here at my computer. TmT
Bright side: I learn to drive next year. :D
To anyone who knows me, that's a scary thought... I should make an In-Dev T-shirt or something ghetto like that to wear to cons, in case I see one of my six readers whom I don't already know.
ANYwho... there's new fanart up. ...Yeah.

June 15
Well, that was an ordeal. Last page is up again. You can see it this time. Typos suck.

June 1
I just noticed something. If 7/7/07 falls on a Thursday, will I then have the luckiest unlucky day I've ever had?
Anyway, look! An update! On a Friday! Just like the splash page says! Remain calm; it's just a fluke and will probably never happen again. :D I colored it, if that's any way of saying "sorry I'm lazy." I'll be better as the summer gets more boring, I promise. :D
Big news thingy: I've decided to tweak the format of Incendiary Device, because I hate drawing cohesively. :) Now, instead of being one big story, it'll be a series of little vignette-stories, Sandman-style. The good news it, I'll probably color them. :D I like to color.

May 19
ARRRRRGH!!! Curses! The powers of DAHKness have extinguished my Incendiary Device yet again! Oh, cruel fate, that has torn me from my one true passion!
So, er, don't blame me for this one... okay? I'll get back ay-sap... it's the last week of school anyway, so what else will I have to do? :D

April 24
Happy belated anniversary to me. I'll be back on, er, Monday. -_-

April 19
I'm a jerk. I seriously can't understand why you guys keep reading this comic. XD I'll ave my soul back in a week or so... in the meantime, here's the Mana Lisa to keep you company until I can get my head on straight... T^T
Edit: I lied! I DID perpetrate an update today (becaue I knew if I waited 'til tomorrow, I'd forget. How thoughtful of me)! AND AND AND I fixed the LAST update! Aren't you proud? *readers: NO!!! :D* Go check out the Mana Lisa anyway. It made my day. <3

April 1
April fools! I updated on Sunday when I said I was gonna update on Saturday! What an elaborate plot!
...Or maybe I forgot to do it before I left for Hanyou's house. I like the first idea better.

March 28
I'm suffering from a bout of frequentnewsupdateitis. It's incurable, except for instigating another emo hiatus, and nobody wants that!
On a lighter note, go check out Lolita Kisama for all of your "dress like the authoress" needs. How many of my faithful readers are into that sort of thing, I have no idea. This shop only serves to remind me that I need a job.
My Intarweb is still out, but I think I'll be able to have the new page up on Saturday, if you can hold out... less Dane this time, and more of the back of Reiko's head. <3
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do authoress-type things. Like sleep, maybe. March 25
So, the lightning storm on Thursday (of course; what other day? See my tiny "Hate Thursday" banner) fried the Internet connection on the main comp entirely and the likelihood of a "next week's page" actually existing (especially on Friday) is slim to nil. Regardless how much I work on it in Photoshop (it and iTunes being the only Internet-free applications worth using at this point).
The good news is, I'll probably be about five pages ahead of myself by the end of the week. :D Now I guess I'll go rant about it in a journal or something. I hate Thursdays.

March 23
How sad is this? I'm updating on my birthday.
That's why you love me, right? Right? <3
The Internet's been acting weird on my end, so I've been out of a Dane page for a month. However, I'm over that now (though working on Dad's laptop is gonna give me carpal tunnel, for sure) and so here is Dane, the plot device (read: crowbar) and the giant Fuka test tube. It took 28 days, a year off my life (heh, now I'm 15) and a whole lot of annoying happy hardcore in the background, but here you ahhh...
I'm really fond of this page. It's kinda got that ASPS feel to it. (Blix: You can't sue me because you're on hiatus. :D) The little stars make the whole frickin' page, man. ;D
Peace out; cake, ice cream and sushi. <3

March 8
Just so you all know, there's no way in hell, Satsu, or 4chan that I'm going to get the page up tomorrow (Dad took the drawing tablet to the center of the earth state for work). T^T I feel useless...

February 25
You guys wouldn't totally kill me if I moved to SmackJeeves, would you? Would you, in fact, like me more? <3
I think that's what I'm gonna do, just to make things easier for mahself...

February 24
I fixed the background image, sort of. It may in fact look worse in some aspects (I had to get rid of a pesky white border around everything), but at least you can see everyone clearly. :D
Also, a new TWC vote incentive, because I know you all want one. Maybe I'll scan the ship sketches for you next week, too... one thing at a time... o_o
February 23
I feel good. Look at that, fresh out of a hiatus, working entirely digitally, and TWO CONSECUTIVE UPDATES! This is awesome.
I need to sort out my real-life schedule, like, serially. I'm apparently going to be in town and out of state at the same time somehow... -_-

February 12
GAH! I've been feeling the readers' infrared waves of pure hatred for far too long! I MUST make a page, even if it does mean re-drawing my awesome page! I WILL!
Maybe I'll put the old one up later as a vote incentive or some such thing.
As for now, I'm OPENING PHOTOSHOP and getting down to some serious freakin' webcomicartistry!!! ONWARD TO VICTORY! Woot-chah!

January 14
I've been having a very hyper week... >_>

laaaaa~ <3 my readers hate me for never updating and being on hiatus all the time~
my external drive is still busted~

Aside from that... I'll probably muster up the human-power to erase my pencil lines on the next plot page and put that up, though it would eat my heart out to do so, considering the fact that I'M TRYING TO DO A FREAKIN' RE-DRAW! *heavy breathing* Anyway, Fluff out... ^-^;

January 8
Okay, I've been a bad artist. T-T I admit it.
However, to detract from my badartistry, I've put together a cool new layout. I was getting really sick of iframes, and figured it'd look cooler this way.

December 26
Happy Holidays! Man, what a crappy time for (1) a hiatus, and (2) me to have an avatar up on the TWC voting screen! Daaaamn... double damage for that one... but hey, if you check out my DeviantArt page, you can see my neat Christmas sketch triptych, featuring Kodama as a mall Santa. In the meantime... well... I guess I'll draw ahead. <3 You all can use the shoutboard to tell me how much you hate me/how unfair this all is/how great my art is/et cetera, ad absurdum. Please. :D

November 24
Happy day-after-Thanksgiving! Now I have homework to finish... T-T *Dane mode* Do I ever win?
Alright, one more page of the re-draw... and I realize I have to fix the archive so that chapter 1 stays with chapter 1 and chapter 2 stays with chapter 2... also, I have to get my external drive fixed, or else I'll have to draw the next page again, after I did such a good job on it the FIRST time! ><
Next Week: Keba fixes her drive, or Fanservice Friday!

November 10
I'm back after a month of procrastinating... hehe...
...please don't lynch me.
Here's a plot page, with a colored panel further impress the fact that Tsubasa's a redhead FTW make it up to you. Next Week: Keba finds the next re-draw page, inks it, shades it, and puts it up.

October 15
New vote incentive! Some model sketches for the Janus machine (since I don't have my pens today... T-T) *poof*

October 13
There... three freakin' pages of the new Chapter 1 (because I'm anal like that). I'm gonna go to school now... Next Week: Two or Three More!

October 9
You know what? I'm a ditz. I updated with the Kodama and Tsubasa page, and didn't post anything about it... -_-
So, I think here I'll go and re-do Chapter 1, using some rather antiquated drawings I did when I first got the idea in my head to re-do it (that are still worlds better that the Chapter 1 you're looking at!) mixed with some drawings tht I'm going to shut myself up in my room and do TODAY.So, hopefully, by Friday (if I don't get myself all head-explodey over the impending PSATs and such), I'll have, like, three pages, starting with Dane.
Those others... we'll just call it a "pilot chapter" because it sucks so badly. *nods head*
Oh, yes, and mad props go out to blix for pimping my webcomic on her (millions BILLIONS of times awesomer) own. <3
Later this week: He gets in, and immediately presses any button he can reach...

September 15
W007s to the n007ches! You get a page today! <3 Gratuitous Akatsuki ass-shot! *dies* Aside from that, Dante looks cool yet again, and is getting major readings on Aka's Gaydar. Dane has snuck off to sulk somewhere else, thus rendering himself vulnerable to Team Kodama (with its scanty roster of Fuka, Tsubasa, and Kodama)!
Next week: The return of our favorite male kimono model (and I don't mean Kodama)!

September 10
I apologize. The last monsoon blew out my network card, and I couldn't update for a while, but now I'm back... and re-doing that travesty, chapter 1. And it'll be cool and stuff. XD

August 25
I'd quite forgotten exactly how tedious it is to revamp a site. Remind me to never change the archive colors again unless I put in an iframe or something. T_T Kekekeke... I love this page. It turned out awesomely, even though the power went out in the middle of my having done it the first time... go look.
Next week: Akatsuki puts her Gaydar® to good use.

August 11
That's it. I'm gonna do a site revamp, and make that ugly splash pic go away. And the background pic, too... and this time, it'll be Fuka.
Next week: ...and for once, Dane's right about something.

August 4
Happy monsoon season. T_T I really don't like rain, but it's given me a great idea for a future scene involving Kodama and Akatsuki... but I've said too much already. <3 Today's new charas are: Akatsuki, the whore-looking one in the corset who just so happens to be Reiko's older sister, Dante, the black-eyed human (!) with the gothy eye makeup who really dosn't want to be working for Akatsuki, and Pandora, the one with the odd haircut (which was originally going to go on another character) who drew the picture of Fuka that Akatsuki's holding in the first panel. Dane's glad to be back, too.
Next week: Akatsuki gets a lesson in "the cute department."

July 21
Wh33! Chapter 2! I'm still debating with myself whether to start off with Akatsuki or Kodama... though I think logic points to Akatsuki. Look forward to more new characters and the return of Dane! Enjoy your cover!

July 12
You know what'd really be awesome? An instrumental version of "Senyaichiya." Either that or a new bg picture and splash screen.
This new page eats my brain. I hate my "darkness indicator" pattern, and need to shed some light on the situation so I can screentone the CHARACTERS. This is the end of Chapter 1b, by the way. Next week: The cover page of d00m, which I've had ready for about a month! XD Enjoy!

July 7
Finally, an update from me... and look, screentones! AX was sooo much fun, you should have been there. I'll upload pictures as soon as I find them...

June 28
Hah! And hah again! I pwned FFX! W00t! See, what I did was I added HP +20% and HP +5% onto the armors of Auron and Wakka (already getting over 4000 apeice, armorless) so Auron was over 7000 and Wakka was over 6500, then I started in with Auron, Rikku, and Tidus (to combat that annoying overdrive bar). Supreme gem, supreme gem, supreme gem. Sure, Auron and Tidus COULD attack, but they were mostly life-support for Rikku. Then he did the sword thing and I got rid of Tidus for Wakka and periodically switched Rikku out for Yuna (to summon, so that the aeons took the business end of the overdrives). Supreme gem, supreme gem, supreme gem. Yay!
Don't expect an update next Friday either. I'll be on the way to Anaheim for Anime Expo! <3 BTW, there were no updates the last two weeks because I was in Vegas. Go to my DevArt gallery, and enjoy the flash animation. You lucky reader, you.

June 9
Hehe, I did this page last week. Shhh... I love Reiko's expression in the second panel almost as much as I love Kodama's in the last panel. I do so adore drawing Chibi-Kodama, regardless the fact that the height difference goes *poof*.
Hey, guess what? I FINISHED KINGDOM HEARTS! Finally! The ending is oh, so cute. I tried Sepher, but he pwned me in two hits EVERY SINGLE TIME. That made Ansem seem absurdly easy (which he was) and after I beat him, I said, "Nah, I didn't just win, did I?" and I had! I had been making "Hey, 'An'some" jokes the whole time, and had sung a few parodies of "Hey Sexy" whilst slamming away at the X button, and before I knew it, the troublesome little thing was gone! Poor Riku, I can't help thinking. The whole game, I was feeling sorry for Riku. He's pretty; how can I help it? Anyway, now I've tried to finish FFX, and (since I am potion-retarded) I keep being pwned by Braska's Final Aeon. I only had Valefor left, and had Rikku, Auron, and Yuna (t3h d00m trio) on the field, with Rikku using Supreme Gems and Chocobo Wings repeatedly (only because I hate Tidus), Yuna healing people and summoning aeons, and Auron there in the event of some über-attack that would sap everyone else's HP (with the right armor on, I can give him over 6000, and thus there are certain items of Rikku's that can bring havoc raining down upon some people). Why is it every great strategy ALWAYS ends in petrification? I hate that! ><;
Next week: Reiko regains her composure, and the artist shoves off for Vegas! The great chapter finale!

June 2
Hopefully, the next time you hear from me, loyal readers, I'll have my ears pierced, which won't matter as far as my L cosplay goes, considering my hair will cover my ears. La la... It's weird, looking at my own updates... I myself have been staring at this page for WEEKS, so the pattern-tonage and the ubiquitous inverted-color panel are the only new things to me. I am, however, very very happy because I have reached the end of Tenshiko's Big Inverted-Color-Panel Thing and already have next Friday's page done. >w< My work ethic is really good on Thursdays, so long as school isn't involved. Finished both pages, and realized I needed a desk. A low desk, like Yun Kouga, so I can sit on the floor. Chairs are troublesome when I'm drawing for In-Dev. I think I've only ever done one or two pages in a chair, and those were at school, where chairs are mandatory. Remind me to try not to think of plot twists while listening to Lemon Demon. Regardless how much this comic is humorous, and action-y, and will be romantic and politically insanecorrect, that band will throw anything over the border into Randomville. <3 On that note, I leave you. Go listen to "Word Disassociation" or "I've got some Falling to Do" and you'll know what I mean!

May 27
Gah! The update was hiding! Don't worry, I fixed it... ^_^;;; sowwy 'bout that...

May 26
Wow, it feels good to alter sourcecode again... like comfort food for thought. Anyway, here's your update. Fluff out!

May 23
Happy Year-and-a-Month anniversary! <3 In honor of this momentous occasion, I've created character pages for Fuka, Reiko, Dane, Kodama, Talon, and Aria, pictures and all! I'll get around to the others... I promise!

May 21
Is it really the 23rd on Tuesday? That's my Biology final! T_T (And the year-and-a-month anniversary of In-Dev!)
Anyway, I've finally finished. The archive is up and running, and now I think I'll go tweak the nav bar and maybe draw a new background piccu. Be proud, you're witnessing the genius work of one year and nearly one month. <3
Doesn't that make you feel special? >w<

May 20
Wow, was that empty promise really made before January? I'm still workin' from the same machine, though we do have a new drawing tablet. I have made a solemn vow to myself to get this page back up again this summer, and from now on I think I'll update on Fridays. <3

January 24
D'ya remember what I said about a new computer? Hasn't happened. Anyway, I'll try gradually to get this sad sack of sourcecode back on its feet so I can stop feeding off of DeviantArt. :)

Incendiary Device is ©2005 Fluffy. Steal anything and I'll send Reiko after you with an axe the size of your mama's backside. Hope your mama has a small backside, art thieves... ><

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